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Delicious Wines From the Best Lesser-Known Vineyards

Oregon wine is one of the best-kept secrets in the world of fine wines. Whether you're a novice or an expert wine drinker, you'll taste something earthy, organic, handcrafted, and full-bodied in the wines that we carry. Our regional fermented products are just as divine as the bottled wines that come out of California, Europe, or South America. Through your purchase from Jwines, you'll witness the life of Oregon wine for yourself; each bottle never stays the same. The contents improve in flavor and texture with each passing day. Red and white wines from Dundee, Oregon, cost much less than other regional alcoholic products that cost around $50 or $60 per bottle.

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Professional Wine Recommendations for Meals

In some regions of the world, wine and food are perfect complements to one another. When you're hosting an elegant get-together, you'll want to enhance your dinner experience by pairing your meal with fantastic wines. Let us help you partake in this culinary tradition. Our experts and sommeliers will teach you the basics of food and wine pairing so that you'll experience the full taste and potential of your platter.

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